A Typical Job


Life of a Job 1

From Start

The time each job takes is different, but I tell customers to allow about 10-12 working days. The process I use on jobs is designed to minimise the time you are without your bathroom for. I only work on one job at once, and will return each day until your job is complete.

In order to produce a detailed estimate I will arrange to come and view the room you would like transformed. I will discuss layout options, and fixtures and fittings.

The style of a bathroom is a personal thing, and is completely up to my customers what they choose.

Life of Job 9

To Finish

You can have what you want – within reason! Fashions change, and I can supply and fit a large range of options, including granite bath surrounds and window cills or marble counter tops.

To help with the decisions I will bring a wide range of samples and catalogues with me for customers to look through. I am always be willing to offer advise about individual products, but the final decisions on styles or colours etc. will always be my customers’.